Though these immersion gold plated pieces were originally designed to be used as coasters, you could use them to decorate your home and office anyway you want.



This collection features 10 magical space-themed designs. The artist brilliantly combines the elements used to fabricate printed circuit boards (PCB) such as traces, copper, immersion gold, soldermask and silkscreen to create beautiful art.

Pcb coaster saturn
Pcb coaster alien
Pcb coaster astronaut
Pcb coaster solar system
Pcb coaste star
5 Piece Set $24.99
The Space Collection consists of 5 PCB coasters. Each PCB coaster has a different design on each side. The following is a list of all 10 designs: Saturn & Rings, Alien & Spaceship, Astronaut & Earth, Solar System & Sun, Star & Constellations.
Saturn is also known as “The Ringed Planet” for the large and beautiful icy rings that encircles the planet. It is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet after Jupiter. You cannot stand on Saturn because it does not have a true surface. This giant planet is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. Saturn has over 60 moons. The largest, Titan, is larger than Mercury.
A large segment of the population believe that we have been visited by aliens. For thousands of years, artists from around the world have created alien art. For several decades, the alien invasion has been a common feature in Hollywood movies in which extraterrestrials invade planet earth to exterminate human life and steal the planet’s resources.
The solar system consists of a star we call the Sun, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune and dwarf planets such as Pluto. It also includes dozen of moons and millions of steroids, meteoroids and comets.
Earth is also known as “The Blue Planet” because water covers two-thirds of its surface. It is the third planet from the Sun and the firth largest planet in the solar system. Earth is the only planet in the universe known to harbor life. It is home to several million species of plants and animals. Home sapiens, modern humans, first walked the earth between 200,000 and 300,000 years ago.