Philadelphia - Stainless Steel Map - 5"x7"

This stainless steel map of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania contains all of the historical sites and modern attractions that give this city it’s national significance. Whether it’s the First Bank of the United States or the Washington Square, this map displays all of the elements that make this city truly unique!

Situated on the Delaware River, this map contains city’s metropolitan area. From Fairmont Park to the Walt Whitman Bridge, point out streets you’ve lived on, and places you’ve been to with this real city street map of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

This map of Philadelphia is made from a solid piece of stainless steel and is precision cut to create a beautiful work of art for your home! All of our stainless steel maps come framed and ready to be put on display for your family and friends to enjoy.
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Philadelphia - Stainless Steel Map - 5"x7"

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